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This is My Story – Past, Present, & Future Self:

This is My Story – Past, Present, & Future Self

As I reflect on the past years, for the first time ever I've found; clarity, love, purpose, and a mission all at one moment in time. Never before has these things converged all in one point, crossing together to form a pathway to a bright future.

This future that is foretold is not yet written in stone. Therein lies the purpose here to: determine, formulate, activate, instil, create, and re-affirm what it is that defines the truth to be. It’s this path that has to be paved, thus starting a chain reaction to the ultimate destination; my future self.

For this stone to be forged, I must remember where I come from! For the past holds the key to the future. What I leave in my wake, is not what defines the ripples ahead, but instead clearly outlines the routes which did not veer me in the direction I should of being going all along. The present ripples can have a major impact on the wake I leave behind. It’s for this reason, I must be aware of what I create, and what I leave behind, since each decision will play a pivotal part in the path ahead.


In order to truly understand where I am going, I must understand, acknowledge, accept, and forgive any past decisions moving forward. Up until now, I’ve lived with a certain unguided purpose. This is to say, that I knew what I wanted, but never really gave it more than just a casual thought, like when someone tends to casually mention their life purpose every time they are engaged in an enlightened conversation. Thus using it as a simple reminder of what their true goals should be, but fail to implement what is necessary to obtain them.

This is where that train of thought stops, and a new one will emerge victorious, since the path ahead will never be the same as it used to. Thus forward, the wake left behind will be constantly filled with precise goals and aspirations without needing any further adjustments along the way. Before now, I would look at the wake behind and wonder what went wrong. What terrible thinking! Moving forward, I will look at the wake and marvel on how it shines in the sunlight.


Since my mind is full of unsuccessful thoughts, the new “me” has to let them go, unlearn what I have learned, to be determined and more focused than ever before.

I will do this by constantly re-adjusting my thoughts, and especially the emotions I let rule my life. For the emotions hold the key to the thoughts themselves. One cannot function without the other, to do so in this fashion is mainly considered insane. To harness my emotions properly is the ultimate goal, for the emotion itself manifests into my future thinking. If I’m sad, I will constantly find thoughts to remind me of that, or I will put on music that gives me the idea that I am sad.

To know this fact about my emotions, is to also help hone them perfectly in sync with the future I wish to have happen. The more I can correct my feelings and emotions through the power of; meditation, affirmations, smiling, soul connections, and happy thinking patterns, then the easier I will be able to shape a future that is very inspiring for generations to come.

Since I am in control over my emotions by watching them very carefully, and adjusting them as I go, I am then a master of my present future. The ripple effect is endless.

This methodology applies for everything in my life. For example, when I work out to get fit, I cannot have a feeling of “this sucks”, “this is too hard”, “hurry up I’m bored!!!!” NO!!! Dammit, this is for my future self, what in the world am I thinking?!? In order for my future self to be happy looking in the mirror, I must be love the actions taken right now within each passing moment, being happy with my actions is what helps to gain what I want later on. I MUST enjoy; working out, food, friendships, relationships, and everything in my life. For what do I say about the wake I leave behind if my future, I look back and see that it was being forged through painful memories? This will not do, from now on my destiny will be full of happy memories of how I got there. Now there’s a life story I would love to read out loud for everyone to hear. My own, my path, and my true self.


Dear future self;

I write to you in the now, in the hopes that you are very happy with the results of your life to date. When you look back at the building blocks I put in place today, it is my wish that what I do today, is to your utmost satisfaction, and that nothing I leave behind shames you in any way. For my goal is to make you happy.

Since this has been a fun journey, let me share with you what I think and dream about when I look into your future. In my note that I have attached with this letter, I play out a memoir if you will, like viewing your life in a storybook, or on a video screen.  I love to play this game, to define the possibility of; what you represent, what you’re like to be around, how you live every waking day, the passion you show in your love life, how you touch other souls around you, and always like to envision the very fabric of what makes me, you.

You’ll notice everything I dream about is written down in great detail. Your health, happiness, love life, life partner, kids, grand-children, pets, and even possessions, which are described in every way possible. I have to tell you that the most fun I have with this game, is by playing out scenes of happiness that includes everything
in your life through daily meditations. I can see joy all around you, smell the fresh air, feel the breeze, and tip my head to sun from our porch every morning. Boy do I love to live out your life each and every day.

It is for this reason that my letter to you, to my future self is detailed with the things you now have in your life. For we are connected through the same vision. It would be my ultimate dream to know that you have also kept this tradition going. For when you read my letter to you, I see you then revising the original, and ultimately writing down your own story of our future self.

Promise me that you will keep this fun tradition going for generations to come. Show your kids how to play this game, have them teach their kids. Ensure the family tradition lives on for more than 100 years. Now that is something spectacular to see, boy I can see it now, and all I can say is “WOW!”

Cheers to you!
Martin R. Lemieux

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